Assignment 2: “White Beatles” by Sean (2013)

“White beatles” project is for making a variable shape to bring the new type of musical experience and interactions. It will have two main changes and functions.

First, the form of this will have flexibility and inflexibility both by the special structure, the longitudinal-Transverse Hinges (Yuichiro katsumoto and Satoru Tokuhisa & Inakage Inakage 2013). With this structure, user can switch from inflexible to flexible form such as from a 16 inch straight bar to a bracelet for woman’s wrist. This special structure also become the switch for different function modes such as a headphone mode to activate headphone units or a speaker unit that produce different amounts of volume and a way to deliver sound privately and publicly.

Second, we believe this new form could hold new types of musical interactions like a famous old saying ‘new wine in old bottles’. We like to bring Active  and Playful listening interaction mainly. With this option, a user can get a chance to explore sound space like that a user can hear more and loud guitar sound when they move their mobile device to virtual guitar position. Also, a user can edit and modify sound by simple tangible interfaces. For example, when they press some buttons and pads in this devices, they will hear more bass boom sound, compressed and time stretching sound. We assume that it could be seemed as the instagram App for music, easy editing tool for music.

Here are our plan and some experiments examples. Basically, we are planning to make a real product for the consumer market.


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