Final Project Milestone 1 – Sean Lee

Assignment,Final Project — Sean @ 8:55 pm

My first milestone of ‘white beatles’ is that making bluetooth connection which contains not only a data stream also an audio. You can check the success in the this youtube.


Actually, trying bluetooth connection with OSX is not easy job because there are not many kinds tutorials about how to add a communication port with new device that is the key part of the success. So, I have tried to test and find not exact tutorials for my new released RN-52 bluetooth board but related tutorials like for RN-42 and other serial communication technologies. However, here is a nice blog posting and it will be good for a beginner like me.

Also, I like to mention RN-52 manual link too. This small chip is very useful because it support audio and data streaming at the same time and it contains a mp3 codec chip and an audio amp.

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  1. Finally, OSX Maverick provides the auto serial port maintenance function, so your BT port will be added automatically. But, it could be also trouble.

    Comment by Sean — November 18, 2013 @ 4:26 am

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