Final Project: Spatianator – Robert Kotcher & M. Haris Usmani

Assignment,Final Project — rkotcher @ 8:15 pm

The Spatianator – Description

The Spatianator is a network of (currently) three semi-autonomous robots called crickets that, along with input from human “performers”, collaboratively explore and enhance the behavior of a space. The Spatianator performs a probabilistic composition that is managed by a central controller, which supervises the actions of the crickets through a state machine where each cricket is in one of three possible states at any given time:

  1. Recording mode
  2. Playback mode
  3. Perform mode

The performers (anyone present in the space with the Spatianator) are encouraged to interact with the crickets. The crickets record sounds that are occurring in the room and pass them around to one another, to the point where the room’s filter (behavior in the presence of excitation) becomes exaggerated. The composition aims to enhance the performer’s experience of resonant properties of the space they are in. Below is an example of some of the sounds created during the CFA exhibition last week.

The Spatianator – Acknowledgements

We would like to specially thank Ali Momeni for his guidance over the course of the semester, and for the privilege of being able to work in the ArtFab.


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