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In my milestone 3, I’ve reorganized and optimized  all the parts of my previous milestone including optical character recognition in openframeworks, communication using OSC between openframeworks and puredata, and all of the puredata effect patches for guitar.

Here is the screenshot of my drawable interface right now:

Screenshot 2013-11-25 22.14.49

Here is the reorganized patch in puredata:

Screenshot 2013-11-25 22.17.13


Also, I’ve applied the Levenshtein distance algorithm to improve the accuracy of the optical character recognition. For a number of tests made with this algorithm, the recognition accuracy can reach about 93%.

I am still thinking of what can I do with my drawable stompbox. For the begining, I was thinking this instrument could be a good way for people to play guitar and explore the variety of different kind of effects. I believed that using just a pen to write down the effects you want might be more interesting and interactive instead of using real stombox, or even virtual stompbox in computer. But now, I have realized that there is no way for people to use this instrument instead of a very simple controller such as a foot pedal. Also, currently just writing the words to get the effects is definitely not a drawable stompbox.



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