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My second milestone is to make a stable and ready to use system.

After several tries, I finally got to decide on where the sensing points should be on the face and replaced the electrodes with conductive fabrics following this tutorial by the sensor kit provider. It took me couple of amazon trips to find the right sized snap button and finally got the right ones from Lo Ann. The right size should be 7/16 inches (1.1cm) as is shown in the picture below, in case any of you would need it in the future.

2013-11-22 22.58.06


Center Board
Since there won’t be any change in the circuit, it’s time to solder! What you can see on the board is two muscle sensor breakout, and Arduino Nano and two 9V batteries. The wires coming out will be connected to the buttons on the mask for getting data on the face.

2013-11-22 21.37.16


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