Final Project Milestone 2 – Patra Virasathienpornkul

Assignment,Final Project — Patt @ 6:52 pm

My original second milestone was to use computer vision as an alternate way to track the pen strokes. However, it took me longer to figure out how to send serial data from Processing to 4D Systems workshop, and how to draw properly on the screen. Therefore, the second week was spent mostly to figure out these problems.

I finally solved the problem from the first milestone, and was able to clear the screen after each draw function. The first video below shows a ball bouncing against two pre-drawn rectangular boundaries. The second one shows a real-time pen strokes being sent from the tablet to Processing to 4D Systems to the display.

Ball Bouncing Against Boundaries from Patt Vira on Vimeo.

Line Drawing from Patt Vira on Vimeo.

I found out from working more with the display that it unfortunately cannot handle heavy libraries, specifically box2D. Consequently, as a proof of concept, my goal is to draw some simple interaction. My next step is to be able to draw the lines from the Wacom tablet, and have the ball interacting with the these lines instead of the rectangular boundaries.



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