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Assignment,Final Project — Sean @ 5:23 am


Slightly before the due of Milestone 3, I finished to archive 2 goals : to make changeable form and bring more participatory listening interactions.



I have used many parts and technologies for making this like below list.

Hardware :

RN-52 Bluetooth audio module, Arduino pro mini 5v, Thumb Joystick, Transducer

Software :

Pure data with call response, time scratching and audio effects functions with a Arduino scratch

Physical shape :

3D printing with PLA (Based on Socket and joint structure)

In this project, I wanted to bring an unusual device to give a sign to user like that ‘hey, you will have an unexpected situation. please, be ready like in Disneyland’ as SETTING. And then, I mapped joystick and Surface Transducer together, so when people want to hear something with this device, their hands are naturally positioned for controlling a joystick and they will hear customized sound without training because its controlling system is intuitive and easy to use and it provides true feedbacks as EASY MAPPING and FEEDBACK. I just hope that these things should work together and be vivid experience to users totally, but here are many questions.

Future plan

First of all, I like to make an more attractive and wearable physical form, make a small size add more music applications such as adding one more beat layer automatically.








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