Final Project Milestone 2 – Sean Lee

Assignment,Final Project — Sean @ 3:59 pm

to make a shape and circuit

After making the connection of bluetooth, I have worked to make a shape and circuit. For building the shape, I have to decide how to hold and change between a headphone and speaker shape because my previous shape has a potential to be changeable, but it’s not enough to hold a headphone unit without a support. However, one labmate gave a hint to use a joint and socket structure and I did it with Makerbot 3D printer.

photo (5)

And, then I made a quick and dirty shape not for final first because I have to wait some parts from Sparkfun for making the final circuit and I wanted to test and measure how I can deploy parts into the shape.

photo (4)

photo (3)

Until, now, I have a serious problem about unstable datas from analog sensors because the circuit structure requires a little complexity and I don’t have enough experience. So, probably, in this week, before making final version, I have to make sure this issue.


I have tried many types of sensors as the input part such with a Potentiometer and joystick and touch pad. During this process, what I found is that every sensors bring different situations and responses from users. For example, Joy stick causes more an active interaction than others and touch pad seems more like a play and stop button although both have much more freedom than a potentiometer.


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