Final Project Milestone 1 – Patt Virasathienpornkul

Assignment,Final Project — Patt @ 12:19 am

Below is a list of things needed to be done for this first milestone.

  • Be familiar with 4D system workshop.
  • Learn the limitations of the display: The kinds of data that can be displayed. Be familiar with the size.
  • Figure out how to send data from the Wacom API to Processing
  • Figure out how to send serial data from Processing to 4D system workshop.
  • Laser cut the frame to house the display.


I did all the things I set out for myself for the first milestone. However, I need more time to play around with the screen to better understand its limitations. I laser cut a case to house the display, which is a very good idea because it is super fragile.

With a Processing built-in library, the communication between the Wacom tablet and Processing is easy to execute. It allows me to capture the pen strokes and send the data from the Wacom tablet to Processing in real time. As for the serial communication between Processing and 4D system workshop, I can now send serial data that draws basic shapes and writes texts on the screen. 4D system has a detailed documentation on serial communication that I can follow. However, without having any prior knowledge on serial communication, it did take me a while to understand how everything works. One problem I have right now is that I am unable to clear the screen after drawing a simple shape in order to do a basic animation (eg. a bouncing ball).  There was some flickering on the display, and the program crashes.

1st milestone from Patt Vira

I think the initial step of getting basic animations to work on the display is very crucial. Once I have a better understanding of how to implement everything, I think creating applications will become much faster.


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