Final Project: Digital Tabla – David Lu

Assignment,Final Project — David Lu @ 11:04 pm

The original plan was to collaborate with Jake in creating a composition of live electronic music, where Jake would control a monophonic instrument with lots of continuously varying modulation, and where I would provide percussion accompaniment that would be responsive to tempo changes, interruptions, and general groove.

However, we didn’t have time to figure something out, and I also couldn’t even get my instrument working, so I worked with what I had: LEDs that flashed when I struck the drums. Honestly, the LEDs were almost an afterthought, and more for helping me visualize the responsiveness of my instrument (it’s not as responsive as I would like it to be), and they were not meant to be the primary focus, but that was all I had 😐

So, in the few minutes before presentation, I decided to shut off the lights to glamorize the flashing lights.


Demo video:

Future plans:

I still haven’t  gotten the code to send out MIDI messages. I will need to do that.

But the more important thing is to make the sensors more sensitive and the code more accurate. For that, I will have to redo the right hand drum to its original design, probably also adding a gratituous number of piezos in parallel as well.

Replacing the breadboard with a protoboard is also something I should consider.

Final Project Milestone 3 – David Lu

Assignment,Submission — David Lu @ 11:49 pm

Milestone 3: make the hardware

Final Project Milestone 2 – David Lu

Assignment,Submission — David Lu @ 11:21 pm

Milestone 2: make my computer understand the sensors

It was working but then I tore everything apart and forgot to take documentation, oops. BRB putting everything back together.

Before sending the contact mic signal into the computer, it needed to be amplified. ArtFab had some piezo preamps lying around but they required 48v phantom power and I didn’t want to deal with that so I made my own preamp.

Instrument: “Disarm” by Pedro Reyes (2013)

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Final Project Milestone 1 – David Lu

Assignment,Final Project — David Lu @ 11:34 am


Milestone 1: make sensors
The left circle has a force/position sensitive resistor, the black thing along the perimeter. The right circle has 3 concentric metal meshes with a contact mic in the middle. The metal meshes sense change in capacitance (ie proximity of my finger) when connected to the Teensy microcontroller.

Final Project Proposal – David Lu

Assignment,Mid-Semester Report — David Lu @ 4:26 pm

Instrument: “Box” by Bot & Dolly (2013)

Instrument,Reference — David Lu @ 11:44 pm

You should really watch this.


Assignment 2: “Drip Hack” by David Lu (2013)

Assignment,Submission — David Lu @ 10:00 pm

Drip Hack is a hack that drips. Inspired by my past experiences with cobbling together random pieces of cardboard, this piece aims to explore our childlike curiousity of water dripping in the kitchen sink. The rate of dripping can be controlled by the pair of valves on top, and the water drops hits the metal bowl and plastic container below. The resulting vibrations are picked up by piezo-electric mics, which are amplified by ArtFab’s pre-amp. Since there are two drippers, interesting cross rhythms can be generated.

Instrument: “Super Mario Spacetime Organ (Illucia & Soundplane)” by Chris Novello (2012)

Instrument,Reference — David Lu @ 10:34 pm


Instrument: “Beatsurfing” by Herrmutt Lobby (2012)

Instrument,Reference — David Lu @ 2:36 am


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