CNC Router Project- Japanese Joints

CNC Router — arothera @ 2:38 pm

For this project I wanted to try and push the boundaries of CNC jointery. Typically there is a specific aesthetic that is given to furniture or projects made with the router. Mainly the restriction comes from the 3 Axis limitation of milling into the stock, but also the restriction of the round router bit filleting every corner.

For this project I made 3 cuts that involved registering the stock on the table -> making a cut -> and then rotating -> and re-registering the stock for the next cut. I was able to do a large dovetail joint and also a custom lap joint.


Also part of my CNC testing early on was how to do 2-sided milling. My first attempt (referenced below) did not work because I made the mistake of not centering my virtual file in the center of my virtual stock. Therefore When I attempted to flip the actual material, the cut passed too deep through the material

Toolmaking and Pantorouters

Artists,Theory — Justin Lin @ 7:29 pm

Stumbled on this guy who makes really elaborate jigs and uses shop tools in a high-precision-meets-resourceful-boy-scout fashion. None of it is digital fabrication, but I think its informative to know how people make do without CNC routers by rethinking everyday hobbyshop tools.

He made a pantorouter, which is a pantograph that moves  a router bit instead of a pen/pencil. He designed it with the purpose of cutting gears in wood, but realized it also makes fantastic mortise/tenons and integral dowels.

Alex Final

Final Project — Ali Momeni @ 10:02 pm

Justin Final

Assignment,Final Project,Submission — Justin Lin @ 10:01 pm

Monodontidae (or, the importance of stretching and breathing) from Justin Lin on Vimeo.

Justin Lin, May 2012

CNC Milled Baltic Birch, Pine Studs

Cotton Rope, Elastic, Bolts

Installed in The Great Hall of the College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University

Made for the final project of 60-436, Digital Fabrication for the Arts, taught by Prof. Ali Momeni. This project was produced with kind assistance from School of Art Sculpture Shop Technician Terry Hritz.

The Human Skate – An abstract understanding of the title and its implications

Assignment,Final Project — hermanalan @ 10:01 pm

For my final project, I wanted to create a mobile transportation system that many people could use, kind of like a bike. It turned out that people were right, it was a pretty ambitious project and unrealistic for the short amount of time we had. I realized people were right very late in my project and I had to carry through. I ended up making a very quirky and quite useless human skate after several other failed attempts. It actually broke before I was able to get some documentation of it. Despite the failure of it in many senses, this project was important to me because of its side effects. It got me to meet people, it was emotionally rich and rewarding (despite its frustrating parts) and it introduced me to a ton of new skills. Below, some documentation taken by Ali of my project being used and also a photo and video taken by me.

skate video

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