Modeled Boxes

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My modeled boxes files should be on blackboard, I submitted them through there because we were initially using it as our submission mechanism.

DUE Feb. 13, 2012 – Point-Cloud Model, Rhino command review, project sketch

  • Complete and bring to class your perfected re-fabrication of the final laser-cutter project; all students are required to rebuild one of their two projects, based on the feedback given in class last week
  • Create a posting on this blog with final Rhino files for the above project, as well as images of your fabricated object; photographs must be taken on a solid color back-ground (see photo facilities in Maggy Morrison or contact our graduate assistant Luke)
  • Review and master all Rhino commands from this post and this post
  • Complete the assigned point-cloud->3d model; prepare two versions: 1) actual scale, 2) miniature (L + W + H < 4 inches);
  • Process the miniature version of your model for 3d printing on the FDM ABS printer (create mesh, check mesh, export stl, run through Catalyst)
  • Prepare a preliminary sketch of your next 3d printing project; be prepared to present your idea to the class for feedback/critique. Help us get a clear sense of your idea by preparing rough drawings in Rhino, sketches on paper, images of works of reference, accompanying text.  This project will be due on Feb. 22, 2012.

Money in da bank box

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