CNC project – Hand Holder… finally did it

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I made a small file in Rhino and purely cut it out of Stonehenge Printmaking paper. I wanted to not make fold lines and strong cuts because I felt that this mini assignment really influenced me to create something out of hand and leaving some sense of ‘human error’ in the design. I also felt the small cute form of an F-14 Tomcat, the most decorated fighter in history, was interesting because of it’s smooth translation from war machine to toy.

123D Catch of Room

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I made an attempt at generating a model of my very messy room. The following is a screenshot of the model generated by 123D Catch from 50 stills. The .obj file is too large to post to the blog, but is available for distribution upon request.

CNC Holder 2.5 Axis

This holder is designed possibly as a fruit basket or table ornament.  The joints are waffle notch joints.  I wanted to experiment between the CNC router and vacuum former in the dFAB lab.  I was impressed with the variety of forms that developed out of each pocket of the waffled structure as the plastic formed and cooled.

3D Printer Flow Chains

My 3D print works were explorations into the Rhino 4.0 command “FlowAlongSrf”.  This unique command takes three dimensional geometry and uses a reference surface to warp that same geometry into the shape of the target surface.  My first goal was to create complex interlocking chains to print in plastic.  After that I decided to push the limits of the plaster printer through the same process of warping geometries to other surfaces.

2 Skinned “Box”

The creation is laser cut cardboard and acrylic.  The cardboard rotates inside the acrylic to reveal a storage cavity.  A stand was created as an improvement to the overall design.

2D Laser Cut Designs

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Waffling Definition

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I got through 5/7 of these grasshopper video tutorials from Digital Toolbox and I’ve attached the results. Feel free to pick up where I’ve left off.


Folding + Origami inspired design

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  • Cairo Patterns: transforms a surface into 4 or 5 sided Cairo Patterns
  • Paper Fold: models simple folding of a single plane of paper [look for “paperfold.ghx”]
  • Rigid Origami Folding: models the folding action of a strip of paper
  • Origami pyramid: models the folding action of a flat plane into a pyramid [look for “origamipyramid.ghx”]
  • Origami 4 point Star: fully models construction of a fourpoint star in Grasshopper [look for “Origami4PointStar.ghx”]
        The Grasshopper and Rhinoscript examples from class are here.





Grasshopper Definitions

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Supports and aestetics using a cairo function

Boy Surface creation

Extrusion for bosses


all of these are found at Rhinotuts


There are also really nice tutorials that are short and for beginners. You should definitely go here and check some of these tutorials out.

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