Faculty Course Evaluation

Assignment,Course Administration — Ali Momeni @ 12:28 pm

Please don’t forget to visit the FCE site to complete a Course Evaluation for this class.

The system will be open until May 15, 2012.

Cool things 3D printers can do

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CNC Routing Adventuretime

CNC Router — Mike Ornstein @ 2:09 am

I made use of the CNC Router in Doherty today. I cut  molds for two carbon fiber panels to be used as driver close-outs in the Formula SAE race car. The foam was a 6lb/ft^3 density polyisocyanurate (polyiso for short). The foam has similar properties to polyurethane foam, such as closed cell (very tiny air bubbles), and importantly is not adversely affected by most solvents and can be coated with a wide variety of sealants, paints, and primers. These pieces were cut using a 1/2″ ball nose endmill for the horizontal roughing passes, then a 1/4″ ball nose endmill for the parallel finishing pass. Below are some in process and finished CNC shots. I’ll follow up with primered, sanded/polished, and carbon parts at a later date.

6 – Axis in Action

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So You Like it Soft

Assignment,Final Project — Mike Ornstein @ 6:32 am

A fairly self expanatory image. A hugging station and a slapping station are isolated from each other except by a lengthy air line. The hugging station is comprised of a soft, huggable creature. The slapping station will have a place for a participant to place their face in anticipation of a slap. Upon the hugging station being utilized for its hugging purpose, the slappee is slapped thanks to an increase in air pressure from the squeeze of the hug.

3D Image ‘Scanning’ Test

Scanning — arothera @ 4:15 am

This was testing the 1-2-3 Catch photo merging software. I feel that I did a pretty good job at taking the images in series to produce a nice rotating series of images. But unfortunately it that my effort did not payoff in the testing.

CNC project – Hand Holder… finally did it

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CNC Router,Reference — hermanalan @ 4:18 pm


Description from website: WikiHouse is an open source construction set. It’s aim is to allow anyone to design, download, and ‘print’ CNC-milled houses and components, which can be assembled with minimal formal skill or training.

An article on it from Wired magazine: http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2012/02/start/the-home-you-download

Final Project Presentation

Assignment,Description,Final Project — alexmallard @ 1:46 pm

I ended up not completing this project for my final project since I felt that this had no conceptual backing and was really just something I wanted to try and do.


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