Final Project Presentation

Assignment,Description,Final Project — alexmallard @ 1:46 pm

I ended up not completing this project for my final project since I felt that this had no conceptual backing and was really just something I wanted to try and do.


DUE Mon April 16, 2012: 2D/3D Scanning techniques

Assignment,Description,Scanning — Ali Momeni @ 12:20 pm
  • Identify a 2D or 3D scanning technique for creating digitally represented models of physical objects
  • Identify the unique strengths as well as the short comings of the above technique
  • Create a blog post that 1) explains the technique, 2) shows some examples (embed), 3) lists the strengths/shortcomings, 4) gives linkes/references for further research

DUE Mar. 19: Final Project proposals

Assignment,Description,Final Project — Ali Momeni @ 4:51 pm

The second half of the semester is dedicated to a single project.  This project makes use of any combination of the digital fabrication techniques we’ve studied, and pursues goals established by your practice outside of this course.

To set this project in motion, prepare a 5 min 40 sec presentation in the style of  Pecha-Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds each).

All presentations must be embedded in a post to this site as a Prezi or a Google Presentation, before you arrive to class on Monday March. 19.

DUE Mar. 5: 3d printing final project documentation

3D Printer,Assignment,Description,Technique — Ali Momeni @ 5:21 am

Please post Rhino files and photos of finished project (with solid color background) to this blog.


DUE Mar. 5: “holder” with 2.5 axis CNC routing

Assignment,CNC Router,Description,Technique — Ali Momeni @ 5:20 am

Design and build a holder using 2.5 axis routing techniques introduced this week.  The holder can function for people (chair, stool, bench, head-rest) or for things (book shelf, laptop stand, table).  Consider using .75″ or 1″ MDF as your material.

Post Rhino files and images of the finished piece on this blog.

Should reservations availability on the Morrison CNC router post a problem, please contact Ali and Zach by email.

DUE Feb. 13, 2012 – Point-Cloud Model, Rhino command review, project sketch

  • Complete and bring to class your perfected re-fabrication of the final laser-cutter project; all students are required to rebuild one of their two projects, based on the feedback given in class last week
  • Create a posting on this blog with final Rhino files for the above project, as well as images of your fabricated object; photographs must be taken on a solid color back-ground (see photo facilities in Maggy Morrison or contact our graduate assistant Luke)
  • Review and master all Rhino commands from this post and this post
  • Complete the assigned point-cloud->3d model; prepare two versions: 1) actual scale, 2) miniature (L + W + H < 4 inches);
  • Process the miniature version of your model for 3d printing on the FDM ABS printer (create mesh, check mesh, export stl, run through Catalyst)
  • Prepare a preliminary sketch of your next 3d printing project; be prepared to present your idea to the class for feedback/critique. Help us get a clear sense of your idea by preparing rough drawings in Rhino, sketches on paper, images of works of reference, accompanying text.  This project will be due on Feb. 22, 2012.

DUE Feb. 8, 2012 – Point-cloud for 3d Modeling

3D Printer,Assignment,Description — Ali Momeni @ 4:54 pm
  • give some thought to your eventual 3d printing project (due in 3 weeks)
  • choose a small object to model; make an attempt to relate the choice of this new object to the eventual needs and goals of your 3d printing project
  • put 20-50 visible/colored points (colored stickers work well) on important structural points/features of your object (corners, edges, peaks, troughs)
  • photograph the object from at 5 perspectives (Top, Left+Right, Front+Back); use ~50mm lens to minimize distortion
  • import these images into Rhino as backgrounds and begin modeling the object in three dimensions first with lines and curves, and then with surfaces.

DUE Feb. 13, 2012 – Re-make of one assignment 1

Assignment,Description,Laser Cutter,Technique — Ali Momeni @ 4:49 pm
  • Choose one of the two objects you fabricated for the last assignment, make it again and better.
  • Use the CFA facilities to photo document then fabricated object from multiple perspectives, on a solid color back ground, with proper lighting; please contact our Graduate Assistant Luke (contacts in the syllabus) if you need help/guidance in the process

DUE: Feb 1, 2012 – Review of posted examples

Assignment,Description — Ali Momeni @ 1:21 pm
  1. Study all examples listed in the “Digital Fabrication and Art Practice” post; spend about 5 to 10 minutes with each work and its artist, and possibly more with the exhibitions. Be prepared to explain, discuss, analyze and critique each project and its relationship to the topics of this course;
  2. Find another example of digital fabrication within the context of contemporary art practice (one that is not in the above post) and be prepared to explain, discuss, analyze and critique each project and its relationship to the topics of this course.  Post an entry to this blog with links, images and a description of the project (please choose the appropriate categories for the posting)

DUE: Jan 25, 2012 – Two Boxes

Design two boxes with the following design specifications:


  • a single material with the following properties
  • Length + Width + Height less then 18 inches
  • no hardware necessary
  • visually communicates its purpose
  • made of two different materials
  • Length + Width + Height less then 18 inches
  • composed of “Skeleton” and “Skin”



  • if you haven’t registered for an account on this side, do
  • if you haven’t filled in a complete profile for your account (name, contacts, photo), do
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