DUE Feb. 8, 2012 – Point-cloud for 3d Modeling

3D Printer,Assignment,Description — Ali Momeni @ 4:54 pm
  • give some thought to your eventual 3d printing project (due in 3 weeks)
  • choose a small object to model; make an attempt to relate the choice of this new object to the eventual needs and goals of your 3d printing project
  • put 20-50 visible/colored points (colored stickers work well) on important structural points/features of your object (corners, edges, peaks, troughs)
  • photograph the object from at 5 perspectives (Top, Left+Right, Front+Back); use ~50mm lens to minimize distortion
  • import these images into Rhino as backgrounds and begin modeling the object in three dimensions first with lines and curves, and then with surfaces.


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