Assignment,In-Class,Laser Cutter,Rhino3D,Technique — nathantrevino @ 10:22 am

I made a small file in Rhino and purely cut it out of Stonehenge Printmaking paper. I wanted to not make fold lines and strong cuts because I felt that this mini assignment really influenced me to create something out of hand and leaving some sense of ‘human error’ in the design. I also felt the small cute form of an F-14 Tomcat, the most decorated fighter in history, was interesting because of it’s smooth translation from war machine to toy.

3D modelling project Prezi

3D Printer,Assignment,In-Class,Technique — crecord @ 1:50 pm

IN CLASS: Feb. 8, 2012: 3D printing demos @ CMU dFAB (Mag Morrison)

3D Printer,dFAB CMU,In-Class — Ali Momeni @ 8:58 pm

Reminder to meet at 8.30am sharp¬†at the dFAB facilities in M Morrison for Zach Ali’s demonstrations of usage of the 3D printers.

IN CLASS: Jan. 25, 2012

dFAB CMU,In-Class,Laser Cutter — Ali Momeni @ 12:51 pm


  • meet at Marge Morrison’s dFAB facilities at 8.30AM sharp
  • bring your files for the first assignment (on flash memory or accessible online)

IN CLASS: Jan. 23, 2012

In-Class,Rhino3D — Ali Momeni @ 12:41 pm
  • Blackboard Assignment submission
  • 2D laser cutter assignment review
  • curve to volume
  • orient and rotate revisited
  • box making: finger joints, slots
  • finger joints
  • slots
  • working with layers
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