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I made a small file in Rhino and purely cut it out of Stonehenge Printmaking paper. I wanted to not make fold lines and strong cuts because I felt that this mini assignment really influenced me to create something out of hand and leaving some sense of ‘human error’ in the design. I also felt the small cute form of an F-14 Tomcat, the most decorated fighter in history, was interesting because of it’s smooth translation from war machine to toy.

CNC Joinery

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Excellent article on the Make Blog on cnc joinery, including discussions of laser-cutting vs. cnc routing (see section titled “Laser vs. Rotary Cutters – The Inside Corner Problem“), as well as wood-bending with cnc machinery (see “Flexures“).

Origami Documentation

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For my origami  project I modeled three pyramids in rhino, unfolded them in pepakura and printed them out in two different materials on the laser cutter.

These are cut out of handmade paper:

These were made with stonehedge with rasters:



2 Skinned “Box”

The creation is laser cut cardboard and acrylic.  The cardboard rotates inside the acrylic to reveal a storage cavity.  A stand was created as an improvement to the overall design.

2D Laser Cut Designs

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Folding + Origami inspired design

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  • Cairo Patterns: transforms a surface into 4 or 5 sided Cairo Patterns
  • Paper Fold: models simple folding of a single plane of paper [look for “paperfold.ghx”]
  • Rigid Origami Folding: models the folding action of a strip of paper
  • Origami pyramid: models the folding action of a flat plane into a pyramid [look for “origamipyramid.ghx”]
  • Origami 4 point Star: fully models construction of a fourpoint star in Grasshopper [look for “Origami4PointStar.ghx”]
        The Grasshopper and Rhinoscript examples from class are here.





Bert Simon

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I found this artist Bert Simon who does 3D paper sculptures of people by using a photograph as reference for a 3D model and then distorts the photo in accordance to the model. Thought it was an interesting project.





Laser Cutter Assignment – Redo –

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Well… this was definitely not as good as a design. While it may be lighter, the structural integrity I had with the original 3 rod Light Rod is crucial for the stability of the piece. My installation of this is going well forward as I found a way to directly wire each light bulb in  a circuit. None the less a far inferior design and does not conceptually grasp the “subversive alternative light” that the other, larger Light Rod had.



Exoskeletal Hand – Single Enhanced Finger

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Laser Cutter Assignment – Light Container – No Skin

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