CNC Router Project- Japanese Joints

CNC Router — arothera @ 2:38 pm

For this project I wanted to try and push the boundaries of CNC jointery. Typically there is a specific aesthetic that is given to furniture or projects made with the router. Mainly the restriction comes from the 3 Axis limitation of milling into the stock, but also the restriction of the round router bit filleting every corner.

For this project I made 3 cuts that involved registering the stock on the table -> making a cut -> and then rotating -> and re-registering the stock for the next cut. I was able to do a large dovetail joint and also a custom lap joint.


Also part of my CNC testing early on was how to do 2-sided milling. My first attempt (referenced below) did not work because I made the mistake of not centering my virtual file in the center of my virtual stock. Therefore When I attempted to flip the actual material, the cut passed too deep through the material


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