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This post contains two 3D printing projects I did/theorized doing. My first 3D print is fairly straight forward, I wanted to test the capabilities of 3D scanning and 3D printing. This project entailed using the DAISY labs 3D scanner,  cleaning in Zbrush, and printing with the abs plastics printer.

My second project I did not print (for financial reasons) but I was thinking about ‘craft.’ I really love the american archetype of a husband needing to be a provider of craft skills and home improvement. The true source of DIY culture, a home provider having the ability to fix anything that is provided. For this project decided to model and print a bird house as a stepping stone to the 3D printing world. The idea being that in the DIY realm the first project is the bird house carpentry, and later stepping to the dog house carpentry. Therefore by 3D printing a birdhouse I wanted to ‘mis-translate’ the building of the basic birdhouse.


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