Final Class/Set-up for Thursday May 3 Opening

Course Administration,Final Project — Ali Momeni @ 7:27 pm

The public opening is announced for 5pm on Thursday May 3.  Design junior Eunice Chung has very kindly made the above poster; please feel free to distribute the PDF by email.

Tomorrow’s class time is dedicated to preparations/installation of your works in the CFA Great Hall/Studio.  I will be available in my studio in Doherty D313 for any consultation/questions.

The map below indicates the locations for each final project:

  • All works must be installed by 12pm PM on Thursday May 3
  • If you see a “?” next to your name, please contact me with your plans.
  • Note the red circles indicating power outlet locations that I have identified; there may be others.
  • If you need additional materials (extension chords, podia, projectors, etc.) and have not yet secured one, please contact me right away.


So You Like it Soft

Assignment,Final Project — Mike Ornstein @ 6:32 am

A fairly self expanatory image. A hugging station and a slapping station are isolated from each other except by a lengthy air line. The hugging station is comprised of a soft, huggable creature. The slapping station will have a place for a participant to place their face in anticipation of a slap. Upon the hugging station being utilized for its hugging purpose, the slappee is slapped thanks to an increase in air pressure from the squeeze of the hug.

Final Project Presentation

Assignment,Description,Final Project — alexmallard @ 1:46 pm

I ended up not completing this project for my final project since I felt that this had no conceptual backing and was really just something I wanted to try and do.



Assignment,Final Project — William @ 3:32 am

Presentation 2.0

Will Crownover


Soft Robots: Round 2

Assignment,Final Project — Mike Ornstein @ 8:46 am

A presentation about a soft robot.

End of Semester | Timings

Course Administration,Final Project — Ali Momeni @ 4:26 am

for discusion…



  • Consider: no more blocked-out hours during class time
  • Consider: blocked-out hours for our class on M/W/F 11.30am – 2.30pm


  • 1st presentation: Monday April 9, 2012
  • 2nd presentation: Monday April 23, 2012
  • 3rd (final) presentation: Thursday May 3

Final Project Presentation

Final Project — mperim @ 2:35 pm


Assignment,Final Project — William @ 12:49 pm

Final Project Idea

Final Project — Paul @ 7:11 am


Assignment,Final Project — alexmallard @ 3:35 am
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