DUE: Jan 23, 2011 – Two Laser Cutter Designs – Paul

Assignment — Paul @ 3:07 pm

I took a picture of my mouth and iterated the transformation in Photoshop. Then I traced it in Inkscape. Then I imported to Illustrator in order to import into Rhino (because Rhino surprisingly does .ai but not .svg). I chose a spiral because I find spirals tend read the same way in 3D as they do in 2D, so this sort of graffiti stencil-type image would also make sense as a physical object.

This is a trace of my hands making a bull or goat shadow puppet. I used the same workflow of camera->PS->Inkscape->Illustrator->Rhino. The two pieces correspond to my two hands. They are meant to be cut out of slightly differently-colored acrylic in order to read as a contiguous silhouette while still hinting at the origin of the shape.

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