Documentation Of The Project Of The End Times

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I tried capturing my roommate’s gorgeous head, but that didn’t work. I tried capturing my 3d print sculpture (which I could then re-print, with the obviously results of insanity and profit), but that didn’t work. I tried capturing my kitchen table, and that worked pretty well, if “Dr. Seuss battles the termite queen” is an aesthetic you’re into. Here’s one of the pictures I took:

And here is the resulting mesh in Blender:

Why am I awake.

presentation 1

Assignment — Paul @ 12:52 pm

origam-inspired sculpture

Assignment — Paul @ 12:23 pm

The material is not actually folded, just faceted. I can’t tell if the facets are identical to those of an actual origami design or not. The mathematical problem of joining several metal struts coming in at odd angles is one I know from welding; these joints must of been designed digitally, given how closely they fit.

Final Project Idea

Final Project — Paul @ 7:11 am

3D print design – adding machine

3D Printer,Assignment — Paul @ 3:20 pm

Google doc

Re-designed Container – Paul

Assignment,Laser Cutter — Paul @ 1:41 pm

(click for large)

DUE: Jan 25, 2012 – Two Boxes – Paul

Assignment,Laser Cutter — Paul @ 3:17 pm

This is the box I made in class. It’s sized for .25″ material. I resized it in order to actually cut the box out of .125″ acrylic.

Be Your Own Souvenir

Artists — Paul @ 4:17 am

I can’t embed because WordPress is escaping the tags but:

It’s a geeky 3D photobooth. 3 Kinects scan you and a minature you is printed on the spot. It’s not particularly artsy, but it’s a potent fusion of current technologies, and an effective way of bringing technology out of the lab and engaging the audience more directly.

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