Human Bird Wings

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Most experts from computer graphics agree that this is probably a fake. I guess it probably is but I would really love it if it was not. Anyways, the video shows a man flying with a pair of wings inspired by the wings Leonardo Da Vinci sketched many years ago. Despite it probably being a fake, it is pretty poetic and inspirational. It would be interesting to see the actual possibility of building something like these wings and using them.

3D scanner or reconfigurable vehicle

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Exoskeletal Hand – Single Enhanced Finger

Assignment,Laser Cutter,Technique — hermanalan @ 2:27 pm

Exoskeletal Hand Prototyping

3D Printer,Assignment — hermanalan @ 3:49 pm



Jesus Soto like sculpture

Assignment,Laser Cutter,Technique — hermanalan @ 2:24 am


aherman soto



origianl inspiration


soto screenshot

Originally inspired by a sculpture by Venezuelan artist Jesus Soto, this small scale sculpture made with acrylic using the laser cutter is a different version of his work. It preserves the kinetic aspect of his sculpture as well as the spherical shape in the middle.



Laser Cutted Leaf

Assignment,Laser Cutter — hermanalan @ 4:21 am

I think that the level of detail achieved with the laser cutter is really great. I am surprised that the leaf did not burn when it was laser cut. The idea behind the project is to create personalizable presentation cards, advertisement, pictures, etc that could be discarded and not harm the environment. Visually, I think this is quite beautiful.

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