123D Catch – 3D scanning tests

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Modeled Boxes

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My modeled boxes files should be on blackboard, I submitted them through there because we were initially using it as our submission mechanism.

Tessellated origami with laser cutter

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This is the final laser cutter design that was created with Pepakura Designer, the material I used is matboard which was not very ideal for folding because of the way in which it is layered which makes it hard to fold and tear.


The original design I had made for the folding assignment was much cooler and it was based on a tutorial by Hyoung-Gul Kook. The tutorial I followed can be found here http://livecomponents-ny.com/2010/03/22/4_5-tessellation-folding/

I had some trouble with the tutorial and Ali helped me contact Hyoung-Gul who very kindly helped me solve the issue I was having. Below is a picture of the model I made with the tutorial and on the left is the pepakura unfolded version. I laser cutted and tried to assemble the pepakura pattern but the tabs did not match together and the assembling was very complex to figure out without instructions.

Organic Small Table Model

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I ended up making a small model for a table. I wanted to make an object that I liked so I went with the theme of making a design that feels organic. The table uses 2.5 axis milling profiling and engraving cuts.

Organic Table Video


The Human Skate – An abstract understanding of the title and its implications

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For my final project, I wanted to create a mobile transportation system that many people could use, kind of like a bike. It turned out that people were right, it was a pretty ambitious project and unrealistic for the short amount of time we had. I realized people were right very late in my project and I had to carry through. I ended up making a very quirky and quite useless human skate after several other failed attempts. It actually broke before I was able to get some documentation of it. Despite the failure of it in many senses, this project was important to me because of its side effects. It got me to meet people, it was emotionally rich and rewarding (despite its frustrating parts) and it introduced me to a ton of new skills. Below, some documentation taken by Ali of my project being used and also a photo and video taken by me.

skate video

Cool things 3D printers can do

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Description from website: WikiHouse is an open source construction set. It’s aim is to allow anyone to design, download, and ‘print’ CNC-milled houses and components, which can be assembled with minimal formal skill or training.

An article on it from Wired magazine: http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2012/02/start/the-home-you-download

Skin Cell Gun

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The visuals in the video below are a bit strong so I decided to post the link and not the embedded video so those who want to see it can.


I am not sure how to classify this, but I’ll say it is a skin printer. Using living cells, they are cultivated and then applied to places where skin was burnt and new skin gets formed. Here is the wikipedia article on it.


Dream Boats

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I found this concept boat made by Yacht Island Design firm.

It is not a reality but it is similar to the concept of creating dream projects and the idea that once we create them as dream projects, and actually create a prototype or a sketch or something tangible, they become closer to reality than if they just stay in our minds. I am posting below the link to Yatch Island Design concepts site which has 5 more pretty awesome boat designs.


Also, here is the link in Yahoo where I saw this:


Exoskeletal Connection – 3D Printer Project

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