Soft Robots

Final Project — Mike Ornstein @ 6:45 am

Motion into Form

3D scanner or reconfigurable vehicle

Assignment,Final Project — hermanalan @ 3:55 am

Making a whale that will eat me

Assignment,Final Project — Justin Lin @ 9:56 pm

These guys make archi/structural things with sticky tape

Artists — Justin Lin @ 4:13 pm


Taken from Watch the video.



“Under their group moniker Numen, Industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković focus on experimental architecture and spatial installations, meanwhile concentrating on designing objects as their second alias For Use. The Croatian/Austrian collective might be best known for the huge accessible tape installations they realized in Melbourne, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt and Belgrade so far. We met Christoph Katzler in the Belgian town of Hasselt where he talked about the evolution of their true grids from ephemeral tape to permanent net (materialized in the Net Z33), the social aspect of their work as featured in Learn for Life: New Architecture for New Learning and why hell doesn’t need to be hot to give you an idea of infinity.”


Bert Simon

Artists,Laser Cutter,Reference — crecord @ 8:21 pm

I found this artist Bert Simon who does 3D paper sculptures of people by using a photograph as reference for a 3D model and then distorts the photo in accordance to the model. Thought it was an interesting project.

3D object

3D Printer,Assignment — crecord @ 5:56 am



Description: 3D print of an object generated with code.

Digi Fab Projects

Assignment — mperim @ 7:04 am

Laser Cutter Project (Paper Lantern):



3D printer (plaster print of seismograoh of twin towers):

3-D Printer Project: Tree Stump

3D Printer,Assignment — Justin Lin @ 6:37 am







Justin Lin – 3D Printing Project

Description: This project attempted to create a living object out of the 3-D printer. The form is informed by tree stumps and is designed with a system of vents connected to rubber hoses which allow me to blow air through. Bubbles and foam precipitate from the vents when I breathe through the stump, with the help of a little soapy water sprayed on.

Material: White ABS plastic

File: justin_lin_3d_printing_final

Regarding M Morrison and CNC-Routing/assignment

Assignment,CNC Router,dFAB CMU — Ali Momeni @ 4:54 pm

I have been in communication with Zach about the CNC-router at M Morrison and the difficulty to schedule times on it.

He is aware of the problem and is working to open some times, but our schedule happens to collide with projects/deadlines in architecture.

Luckily, the Doherty Hall CNC-router is now completely installed, training (for myself and School of Art tech staff) will take place in the next week or two and we should have access to the router for the second have of the project.

In the mean time, please continue with your designs for the 2.5-axis milling assignment (“the holder”) and be prepared to present the designs without the fabricated object on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.  For those who will not have a chance to cut their designs on the router, I recommend fabricating a prototype at a smaller size, using the laser cutter.

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