Dream Boats

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I found this concept boat made by Yacht Island Design firm.

It is not a reality but it is similar to the concept of creating dream projects and the idea that once we create them as dream projects, and actually create a prototype or a sketch or something tangible, they become closer to reality than if they just stay in our minds. I am posting below the link to Yatch Island Design concepts site which has 5 more pretty awesome boat designs.


Also, here is the link in Yahoo where I saw this:


Folding + Origami inspired design

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  • Cairo Patterns: transforms a surface into 4 or 5 sided Cairo Patterns
  • Paper Fold: models simple folding of a single plane of paper [look for “paperfold.ghx”]
  • Rigid Origami Folding: models the folding action of a strip of paper
  • Origami pyramid: models the folding action of a flat plane into a pyramid [look for “origamipyramid.ghx”]
  • Origami 4 point Star: fully models construction of a fourpoint star in Grasshopper [look for “Origami4PointStar.ghx”]
        The Grasshopper and Rhinoscript examples from class are here.





Python and Rhino

Python,Reference,Rhino3D — Ali Momeni @ 5:54 pm




  • Class Examples: a few simple scripts I showed in class, some adopted from the above sources
  • Rhinoscript > RhinoCommon < IronPython: McNeel pages on the conbination of Rhino.NET + Rhino.Common + Python with lots of great sample code here, particularly for RhinoCommon

Grasshopper Introduction

Grasshopper,Reference,Rhino3D — Ali Momeni @ 2:35 am



  • Parameters and components
  • Scalars and Vectors
  • Wire display modes
  • Panel and Parameter Viewer
  • Conditionals and dispatch
  • Point XYZ
  • Circle
  • IntCrv
  • PLine
  • Divide
  • Loft


  • range
  • series
  • flatten
  • list length
  • item
  • shift
  • reverse
  • split
  • cull nth and cull pattern
  • Divide (Domain 2)
  • SubSrf
  • Explode

Human Bird Wings

Artists,Reference — hermanalan @ 4:29 pm

Most experts from computer graphics agree that this is probably a fake. I guess it probably is but I would really love it if it was not. Anyways, the video shows a man flying with a pair of wings inspired by the wings Leonardo Da Vinci sketched many years ago. Despite it probably being a fake, it is pretty poetic and inspirational. It would be interesting to see the actual possibility of building something like these wings and using them.


These guys make archi/structural things with sticky tape

Artists — Justin Lin @ 4:13 pm



Taken from Gestalten.com. Watch the video.



“Under their group moniker Numen, Industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković focus on experimental architecture and spatial installations, meanwhile concentrating on designing objects as their second alias For Use. The Croatian/Austrian collective might be best known for the huge accessible tape installations they realized in Melbourne, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt and Belgrade so far. We met Christoph Katzler in the Belgian town of Hasselt where he talked about the evolution of their true grids from ephemeral tape to permanent net (materialized in the Net Z33), the social aspect of their work as featured in Learn for Life: New Architecture for New Learning and why hell doesn’t need to be hot to give you an idea of infinity.”


Bert Simon

Artists,Laser Cutter,Reference — crecord @ 8:21 pm

I found this artist Bert Simon who does 3D paper sculptures of people by using a photograph as reference for a 3D model and then distorts the photo in accordance to the model. Thought it was an interesting project.





CNC Routed Furniture

CNC Router,Reference — Ali Momeni @ 10:12 pm

Many examples of furniture CNC routed.

Pop Up Fabrication- microscale fabricating

Reference,Theory — arothera @ 6:45 pm



Notes on RhinoCam for 2.5 Axis CNC Routing

CNC Router,Reference — Ali Momeni @ 4:21 pm
NOTES on processing your design for 2.5 axis routing job:
  • open Machine Operations (MOP) Browser from “RhinoCam 2.0” menu
  • open Tool Library Browser from the “RhinoCam 2.0” menu
  • In the MOP window, under the “Create” tab, click on “Stock – None” and indicate the size of your stock material [brownish stock material should be visualized]
  • Under the “Create” tab of the MOP window, select “Profiling” from the “2.5 Axis”
  • Under the “Maching Features/Regions” tab, indicate the curves in your design that are to be profiled
  • Under the “Tools” tab, indicate the tool you wish to use for .
  • Under the “Feeds and Speeds” tab, indicate appropriate parameters (refer to CMU dFAB “White Book”)
  • Under the “Cut Levels” tab, indicate “Total Cut Depth” (thickness of your material for profiling) as well as the number of passes (“Rough Depth/Cut”)
  • Under the “Cut Parameters” tab, select “Outside” or “Inside” depending on the type of profiling
  • If your design requires “inside edge” profiling as well as “outside edge”, repeat the above steps for your inside profiles also

NOTES on creating designs in Rhino for 2.5-axis routing:

  • Create two rectangular curves that represent the bottom and top surfaces of your stock material
  • Place bottom left corner of your stock material at the origin
  • Your geometry (all curves) should be planar and placed at the TOP of your stock material


  • In your RhinoCam generated g-code, change “M61” to “M61.1” in order to turn on only the front 1/2 the vacuum table
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