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CNC project – Hand Holder… finally did it

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I made a small file in Rhino and purely cut it out of Stonehenge Printmaking paper. I wanted to not make fold lines and strong cuts because I felt that this mini assignment really influenced me to create something out of hand and leaving some sense of ‘human error’ in the design. I also felt the small cute form of an F-14 Tomcat, the most decorated fighter in history, was interesting because of it’s smooth translation from war machine to toy.

3D scanning objects? Microsoft Kinect > Processing > Rhino

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This technique utilizes a Kinect, the Processing Language, and RhinoCAM. You need the OpenKinect libraries I found made by Daniel Shiffman. It is very simple and he even has an example code that does the kinect ‘finding’ for you. Then using some alterations so that Processing will export a DXF file for you to run in rhino, you can import the file into Rhino like this .


There are some drawbacks from such a powerful tool. first is that you need to “stitch” the individual DXF files together in rhino as if they were point cloud models. The only way I can see fixing this is to try and use multiple Kinect s at once and modifying your code in processing. Another drawback is resolution. From what I’ve seen, it won’t give a splitting image of someone. That being said, this way of 3D scanning is great in that you can easily do this on your own as long as you have background in processing/java , rhino, and some fiddling with a Kinect.


Overall, just check it out and try it for yourself.



3D ABS plastic models – Electron Probability Field

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Here is a relatively accurate model of electron clouds around a Mode u_{03} (3s orbital) atomic structure. It is printed in ABS plastics.

Grasshopper Definitions

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Supports and aestetics using a cairo function

Boy Surface creation

Extrusion for bosses


all of these are found at Rhinotuts


There are also really nice tutorials that are short and for beginners. You should definitely go here and check some of these tutorials out.

Laser Cutter Assignment – Redo –

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Well… this was definitely not as good as a design. While it may be lighter, the structural integrity I had with the original 3 rod Light Rod is crucial for the stability of the piece. My installation of this is going well forward as I found a way to directly wire each light bulb in  a circuit. None the less a far inferior design and does not conceptually grasp the “subversive alternative light” that the other, larger Light Rod had.

Reference,Shopping — nathantrevino @ 3:03 pm

This is a 3D printing on demand website. They will print objects that you have created

Laser Cutter Assignment – Light Container – No Skin

Assignment,Laser Cutter,Technique — nathantrevino @ 2:12 pm

Assignments so Far

Assignment,Laser Cutter,Technique — nathantrevino @ 4:38 am

Trevino Assignment 1 screenshot

This is hand drawn lobster using curves and polylines. It is to be cut with a laser cutter out of frozen butter.
Materials: 18″ x 24″ 1/4in Frozen Butter Slab.




Trevino Assignment 2 screenshot

This is a shape that is created by a degenerative algorithmic formula. It is to be cut on a laser cutter.

Materials: 12″ x 12″ 1/4in MDF board




Trevino Assignment 3 screenshot

This is  a simple, tab based box constructed in Rhino to be cut with a laser cutter.

Materials: 1/4in Mirrored Acrylic



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