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DIY 3d Laser Scanner

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Found a site that shows how you can make your own 3d scanner, using just a laser pointer, wine glass, rotating platform, and a digital video camera. Which seems great if you need to get a digital model of something in a pinch.

The stem of the wine class diffracts the light so that it creates a beam along the surface of the object that is being scanned on the rotating platform. As the object rotates, the camera then records change in the line that the diffracted laser makes. Using an edge detection algorithm on the video avi to find the location of the laser line, reconstructs a 3-D model that looks like this:

It’s not the highest quality scan, but it’s a quick cheap alternative if nothing else is around and you’re forced to Macgyver a solution.

Link to the tutorial

Link to a similar, but more in depth scanner

Max and Justin made a boat

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In collaboration between Max Perim and Justin Lin

Max Perim and Justin Lin CNC-Router Assignment
Description: Max and Justin made a boat. Its about the persistence of memory… of boats.
Material: 3/4″ C/C Plywood

Find the rhino file here:

Final Project Presentation

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Digi Fab Projects

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Laser Cutter Project (Paper Lantern):



3D printer (plaster print of seismograoh of twin towers):

Xia Xiao Wan

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Xia Xiao Wan makes ethereal three dimensional sculptures by layering painted plexiglass.

My Digi Fab presentation

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3D Design

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Being new to 3D modelling, I decided to create a functional, symmetrical model to help me understand the basics of modeling in Rhino.

Fran Flaherty

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For those who wouldn’t normally come into contact Fran, she’s the digital art studio manager in Doherty C level. I wasn’t familiar with Fran’s work until yesterday, however. Fran’s work often references motherhood. She scan’s condensed breast milk using the 3D scanner and prints the organic forms using the 3D printer. What makes these works interesting to me is the reference to the female form and the evidence of the artist’s touch through the content of the work, her breast milk.

Laser Cutter Designs

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