“Look Inside!” by Connor Brem (2014)

What happens if I look inside?

Curiosity is a powerful force. Look Inside! explores how people react when presented with a non-descript box and an offer to look inside.


If people choose to peer inside the box, they find a mechanical drum set, which begins to play a simple but incessant beat. The beat grows in speed and intensity, and the box begins to shake!


At this point, people interacting with the piece have a choice: back away and attempt to dissociate themselves from the commotion they’ve caused, or keep watching. When Look Inside! was displayed, some people ran, and some stayed. Some even came back to play again.


Look Inside! explores curiosity, responsibility, and control. Would you look inside?

Chromesthesia update

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Haptic Control Update

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Tour Update

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The Message (Long Distance Whisper)

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Physical Sound

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“nuclear test data visualization” by Rachel Ciavarella (2014)

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data visualization for nuclear testing from Rachel Ciavarella on Vimeo.

datavis_all datavis_circuit datavis_live

“Updated Final Project” Claire Sophie, 2014

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Smart 3D Pen Research

“FreeD” by Amit Zoran. 2013


Amit references

“Haptic Intelligentsia” by Joong Han Lee. 2012


Amit uses magnets for 3D tracking. I found this website that appears to be a DIY. Maybe I can work on this for another project if the Leap works.

I was worried it wouldn’t so I did a lot of research on 3D magnet tracking, which is still an option maybe…maybe I’ll save it for another project. I’ll post some links just so people can see what I was thinking about if you’re interested.

DIY Magnet Tracker Sites
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 Understanding the limitations of the pen. Make sure it can work with how I want to use it.

Understanding the limitations of the pen. Make sure it can work with how I want to use it.


Pen over Leap

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