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“Fleeting Desperation” by Dan Russo

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Fleeting Desperation from Dan Russo on Vimeo.

Fleeting Desperation gathers information regarding fresh water reserves on the west coast (specifically California).  Heavy river control and population increase have stretched the capabilities of the the region to sustain life.  Year by year the data is reflected by scratching on the back side of the artifact.  As the water continues to deplete, the scratching grows slower and slower.

“Analog Everywhere” proposal by Dan Russo

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“Conflict Capture” by Dan Russo (2014)

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Every day in the United States there exists a conflict between motorists and cyclists on the road.  Although Share the Road campaigns have become more commonplace, many motorists still don’t see cycling as a road-  legal endeavor.  Conflict capture seeks to document and explore the nature of human reaction to being behind cyclists in traffic.  Awareness of this conflict becomes more important every day with many people choosing bicycles as an alternate form of transportation.

The hidden camera takes discrete photographs of motorists in their vehicles as they come in range of the device.  A small on board computer takes the photos and pushes them to the web in real time.  The device is powered by a Raspberry Pi, Bleduino micro controller, and a Sharp long range infrared range finder.




“Cornea Ti” by Team Luminale (2014)

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“CYCLIQUE” by Collectif Coin et Nohista (2013)

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CYCLIQUE (short version) from Nohista on Vimeo.


“LA HYBRIDScope CITY” by Filipa Valente (2011)

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LA HYBRIDScope CITY from Filipa Valente on Vimeo.


“Dj Light” by Cinimod Studio (2010)

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DJ Light (DJ Luz), Lima 2010 from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.


“Deep Screen” by Muti Randolph (2013)

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