Chromesthesia update

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“Augmented Reality Tour” by Cal Poly Pomona (2014)

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Explore Cal Poly Pomona through an augmented reality (AR) tour – an experience that uses new technology to highlight the campus’ rich history.



“Rotary Multimeter” By Malik B. Parker (2014)

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Rotary Multimeter

The Rotary Multimeter is a multimeter that will attempt to tell you in real time how much voltage a load has, in a personified way. The personified measurements range from 0 to 5V. Measuring 2.5V would point half way. It also has a pencil to draw how a more precise reading than a personified measurement.

Measuring 1.5V Battery

The multimeter measured a little over 1/4 of the way. It’s modeled after how a person would try to visually describe how many volts a battery has.

Vary the measurements with a Voltage Divider

By creating a voltage divider circuit,  it’s possible to vary the readings of the multimeter which is shown in the second half of the video.



“Air Out Our Lungs” by Yeliz Karadayi

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This project depicts a bag of air deflating for each year that carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Hopefully the physical representation can create awareness. I chose not to depict the year or amount exactly that was removed- the physical representation is designed to be more telling of how carbon did not use to increase as often but does more and more as time goes on.

Data for Carbon Emissions Here

Aside: I struggled with this project in deciding what kind of data can be visualized in a way that is helpful for understanding something that might not have been visible before.

“Computer Augmented Craft” by Christian Fiebig. (2012)

Computer Augmented Craft – Christian Fiebig from The Machine on Vimeo.

This kind of intelligent learning used to aid in the design process is what I was really interested in when deciding to pursue tangible interaction design. I want to design a design process. I want to design a tool that aids in the design process.


Proposal: “Tape Loop Bulletin Board” by Chris Williamson (2014)

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“Chromesthesia” by Emma Steuer

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“Vox Proprius Proposal” by John Mars

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Music, Water, Lights

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Final Proj Presentation 1

How do you set timers for each slide individually?
This project is looking to invite the audience to participate in the performance through the use of sound, water, and light.

Kibble Control

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I live with three cats and they get pretty competitive for food. Cat’s are grazers, meaning they generally do not like to finish a meal all at once; they like to spread it out throughout a day. However one of my cats is quite a fatty and she will always go for all the food until she gets sick. I propose an intelligent food bowl that can detect which cat wants to eat from it using infrared sensors pulsing at different frequencies for each cat. This way I can control who gets to eat out of the one bowl!

The bowl has a rotating interior panel that covers and un-covers the entry to the food. A button can control which cat gets to graze. If more than one cat is detected at once, the food bowl will not open. The red LED turns on when it detects a cat.

This prototype does have small infrared LED lights out and will be embedded into a cat’s collar.




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