Smart 3D Pen Research

“FreeD” by Amit Zoran. 2013


Amit references

“Haptic Intelligentsia” by Joong Han Lee. 2012


Amit uses magnets for 3D tracking. I found this website that appears to be a DIY. Maybe I can work on this for another project if the Leap works.

I was worried it wouldn’t so I did a lot of research on 3D magnet tracking, which is still an option maybe…maybe I’ll save it for another project. I’ll post some links just so people can see what I was thinking about if you’re interested.

DIY Magnet Tracker Sites
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 Understanding the limitations of the pen. Make sure it can work with how I want to use it.

Understanding the limitations of the pen. Make sure it can work with how I want to use it.


Pen over Leap

“Fade Away” by Matt Richardson (2012)

Artists,Instrument,Reference,Visual — rciavarella @ 7:30 pm

Fade Away 1 from Matt Richardson on Vimeo.

“Augmented Materiality” by Greyshed. (2014)

Augmented Materiality from greyshed on Vimeo.

Here is another project that has very successful research results for augmented prototyping using wax, yet another predictable-unpredictable type of material. Maybe I can work with wax? I have worked with it before with water.


“Sensation.” by Amy Friedman (2014)

IMG_1239 IMG_1240

We constantly have stresses in our life that overwhelm us from time to time. We dont realize the impact our stressful lifestyle can have on our bodies and overall well being. Stress can induce heart problems, skin conditions, increased heart rate, depression, anxiety and more. People need to take moments to just breathe and learn how to relax for a few moments in times of pressure to maintain healthy living.

Sensation. measures your pulse and allows you to understand your heart palputations visually through a wearable lighting system. If your heart is beating over the healthy limit of beats per minute, embedded motors rotate to create a massage to sooth your stress and focus upon another task to lower your heart rate. Users of Sensation. can also manipulate the patterns of the massage by moving your finger over a position sensor. The device uses an Arduino, softpot Position sensor, 4 cellphone motors, string LEDs, and a pulse sensor.

Embedded and Wearable: “Cyclic” by Connor Brem (2014)


It’s been said that a quiet bike is a well-maintained bike. That may be true, but musical bikes are much more fun.


“Cyclic” takes a normal, functional bike, and extends it into a string instrument.


It requires little effort to play. Rather, the cyclist produces music passively with “Cyclic”. As they pedal, they strum the strings.


Cycling is a very rhythmic activity. “Cyclic” takes these rhythms, and turns them into melodies.

“Jaha” by Jaha Inc. (2014)


“Security Blanket” by Security Blanket (2014)


“Technesexual Interface” by Micha Cardenas (2009)

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“µtagger Alpha” by Joshua Noble (2011)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Instrument,Reference — epicjefferson @ 4:42 pm

Joshua Noble created a device that records grafitti tags onto an sd card, which can later be used as GML (Grafitti Markup Language) in environments like Processing and openFrameworks.

“Third Hand” by Stelarc (1980)

Artists,Digital Art,Instrument,Reference,Scientific — MattSandler Sandler @ 4:41 pm



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