Embedded and Wearable: “Cyclic” by Connor Brem (2014)


It’s been said that a quiet bike is a well-maintained bike. That may be true, but musical bikes are much more fun.


“Cyclic” takes a normal, functional bike, and extends it into a string instrument.


It requires little effort to play. Rather, the cyclist produces music passively with “Cyclic”. As they pedal, they strum the strings.


Cycling is a very rhythmic activity. “Cyclic” takes these rhythms, and turns them into melodies.

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  1. Engineer/Artist/Mad Scientist Gordon Kirkwood of Whimsy Engineering would probably be interested to see this.
    He made a bike that had a large bubble maker attachment.

    Comment by MattSandler Sandler — September 28, 2014 @ 1:23 pm

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