Haptic Control Update

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Tour Update

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The Message (Long Distance Whisper)

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Physical Sound

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“nuclear test data visualization” by Rachel Ciavarella (2014)

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data visualization for nuclear testing from Rachel Ciavarella on Vimeo.

datavis_all datavis_circuit datavis_live

“Updated Final Project” Claire Sophie, 2014

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Smart 3D Pen Research

“FreeD” by Amit Zoran. 2013


Amit references

“Haptic Intelligentsia” by Joong Han Lee. 2012


Amit uses magnets for 3D tracking. I found this website that appears to be a DIY. Maybe I can work on this for another project if the Leap works.

I was worried it wouldn’t so I did a lot of research on 3D magnet tracking, which is still an option maybe…maybe I’ll save it for another project. I’ll post some links just so people can see what I was thinking about if you’re interested.

DIY Magnet Tracker Sites
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 Understanding the limitations of the pen. Make sure it can work with how I want to use it.

Understanding the limitations of the pen. Make sure it can work with how I want to use it.


Pen over Leap

“Steve Mann: My “Augmediated” Life” by Steve Mann (2013)

Assignment,Reference — chentsch @ 7:14 pm



He has been designing and wearing computerized eyewear for decades, the gear increasing markedly in sophistication over time.



“THE REACCESSION OF TED SHAWN” by Adam H Weinert (2014)

Assignment,Reference — chentsch @ 6:19 pm



An unofficial, on-site, app-based reinstallation of the works of Ted Shawn at the Museum of Modern Art.



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