“Universal Rights (privacy)” by Epic Jefferson (2014)

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Do concepts like privacy and basic rights only apply to humans? Do we believe we are the only species in the universe with the capacity to think on this level? What if we encounter extraterrestrials, only to find out we have not considered what rights we would grant them? How would they evaluate our relationship to other species on our own planet?

I hope to explore this topic a bit by “unobtrusively” embedding a monitoring system in various places with animal activity and capturing their presence in a shared space.

 The System

A raspberry pi uses a python script to check for movement using a PIR sensor. The sensor triggers the webcam to capture the image of whatever is present and uploads it to a flickr account. Then, a ifttt recipe takes that image and posts it to a dedicaded tumblr account here Universal Rights.

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  1. Check out Trail Cameras/Game Cameras if you haven’t already

    Comment by MattSandler Sandler — September 28, 2014 @ 1:14 pm

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