“Sound Personal” By Malik B. Parker (2014)

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What I have created is a way for the user to experience music up close and personal without the need for headphones. “Sound Personal” is a Wireless Stereo Speaker System embedded into a backpack. The implications of this device are meant for daily commuters, college students, bikers, or anyone who enjoys wearing backpacks and music.

As the prototype, I opted for sewn on pockets to hold the speakers, instead of cutting holes into the straps of my backpack directly. The design had to be flush with the bulk of the materials inside of the backpack. Using a Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver, grounding both the speakers and connecting them to a 3.5mm coupling, I was able to effectively turn my backpack into a compatible Apple Airplay device.

In the future model, I hope to achieve volume control from the straps of the backpack, as well as have the speakers more embedded into the backpack straps while also being adjustable.


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