Enchanted Object: “Dust Bunny” by Rachel Ciavarella & Chung Wan Choi (2014)


Photo by Chung Wan Choi


Dust Bunny's jacket and skeleton

Dust Bunny’s jacket and skeleton

Soldered parts with photo sensors

Soldered parts with photo sensors

Dust Bunny body

Photos by Rachel Ciavarella


“Dust Bunny” is a device that runs away from light, but would rest peacefully under shadows. It acts as nocturnal lifeforms that fears the dangers brought by light; it also reminds that people are constantly affecting the environment, even just by randomly casting shadows.

Equipped with front and back light sensors, “Dust Bunny” runs forward when back sensor detects light, and would change direction when front sensor detects light. The front brush accumulates dust, but “Dust Bunny” also leaves traces of dust during its “escape”.


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