“Sound Personal” By Malik B. Parker (2014)

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What I have created is a way for the user to experience music up close and personal without the need for headphones. “Sound Personal” is a Wireless Stereo Speaker System embedded into a backpack. The implications of this device are meant for daily commuters, college students, bikers, or anyone who enjoys wearing backpacks and music.

As the prototype, I opted for sewn on pockets to hold the speakers, instead of cutting holes into the straps of my backpack directly. The design had to be flush with the bulk of the materials inside of the backpack. Using a Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver, grounding both the speakers and connecting them to a 3.5mm coupling, I was able to effectively turn my backpack into a compatible Apple Airplay device.

In the future model, I hope to achieve volume control from the straps of the backpack, as well as have the speakers more embedded into the backpack straps while also being adjustable.

Multi messaging- Embedding single message over multiple apps

Technology has made remote connections obvious.There are times when I have wished if a group of people could be together in one location to be able to decode a message. Sender of the message defines number of receivers. Each receiver installs the phone application. Video message is fragmented and one part can be played by one person using the marker left in previous person’s phone.

Embedded + Wearable “Gesture Radio Glove” Rachel Ciavarella (2014)

Gesture Radio test from Rachel Ciavarella on Vimeo.


A wearable FM radio that responds to specific gesture cues to adjust volume and seek stations. Haptic feedback in the form of vibration lets the user know when the station has been changed.

To adjust volume the index finger is bent. Contracting the finger reduces volume and extending the finger raises volume.

To seek up stations the user tilts their hand to the right. To seek down stations the hand is tilted downwards.

Audio is output through a standard 1/8th jack which can be plugged directly into headphones or speakers using an AUX cable.

Embedded and Wearable: “Concrete” by Anna Rosati (2014)

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“Concrete” is a performance art piece, which I shared at The Button in Lawrenceville on 9/23/14.


I am doing a study on concrete
Examining parallel lines
Distinguishing identical slabs

My eye so close
That dirt
Makes me blink

Re-measuring cracks
Trying to define
The divide

Women are doing a study on concrete
Because with bent necks
That’s where we’re taught to look

Examining cracks
Blinking out dirt
Trying to define
Something someone else made

Why must I study concrete
And brick walls
And my own reflection out bus windows
When I would rather study the world


“Jaha” by Jaha Inc. (2014)


“Printing Teddy Bears” by Disney Research (2014)

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“Foot Tap Amplifier” by Michael Kontopoulos (2011)

The Foot Tap Amplifier draws the wearer’s attention to their own nervous habits by amplifying them.


“MYO” by Thalmic Labs (2014)

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The MYO is a gesture control armband, very similar to what Daito Manabe did, but with Bluetooth 4.0.


“Swarm Light” by rAndom International (2010)

White lights hung above the viewer respond to sound and make organic-looking patterns and waves.

“runScribe” by Scribe Labs (2010)

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