“Security Blanket” by Security Blanket (2014)


“Fe Wearables” by Noah Waxman (2011)

This project, like Kinematics fashion, uses technology to enhance the fashion quality as opposed to provide some kind of technology that collects data. Still, I find this idea of using technology to make clothing re-configurable to be full of potential.

Fe Wearables Kickstarter Campaign Video from noah waxman on Vimeo.


“Meet Your Creator” by Marshmallow Laser Feast—Robin McNicholas, Memo Akten (2012)

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” In a tightly choreographed show, light is sculpted around the room using mirrors and spotlights by a dancing troupe of LED drones built and programmed specifically for the show.”


“BOX” by Bot & Dolly, 2013

Digital Art,Robotics,Visual — ypag @ 3:58 pm

Box from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology in indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C Clarke

BOX consists of 3 robotic arms- two for the screens and one for the camera. All three robotic arms are synched together to create an immersive audio visual experience. 2D space is transformed into 3D using projection mapping. The narrative and visuals illustrate principles of magic!

Making of BOX


Enchanted Object: “BETRAYAL BOT!” by Dan Russo and John Mars

BETRAYAL BOT! takes trust as its input, and returns betrayal as a result. The robot will ask for your phone under the pretense of charging it — all will appear as normal until you try to take your phone back. That’s when BETRAYAL BOT! springs into action: he’ll immediately drive away as fast as he can, taking your phone with him while leaving all sense of safety behind. BETRAYAL BOT! is your best friend and your worst nightmare.

Enchanted Object: “Dust Bunny” by Rachel Ciavarella & Chung Wan Choi (2014)



Enchanted Object: “Light Chimes” by Connor Brem, Emma Steuer (2014)

The object looks much like a simple set of old fashioned chimes. But there are no chimes, only strings. In complete stillness, it hums contentedly; but when the strings move and let light into its insides, it intones like a set of chimes. Light chimes.


light chime 007


Light sensors in its cap send information to a brain in the striker. At intervals, it picks a pitch which corresponds to the number of sensors exposed to light. The resulting sound is hollow and electronic, and changes abruptly.

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