“PLASTICITY” by Fragmented Orchestra for Bowers and Wilkins, 2012

Installation mimics firing of neurons with the help of speakers and sound created by visitors.
Brain Plasticity is a concept of Neurobiology.


“A trip out to sea” by Guy Cotten, 2014

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This is an interactive website which creates experience of drowning.
Following is the trailer-

Guy Cotten ‘A Trip Out To Sea’ Trailer by Ben Strebel from Wanda Productions on Vimeo.

Visit the website to experience yourself. (last part is the best)

” Great Street Game” by KMA, 2009

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Great Street Games from Tom Wexler on Vimeo.

Projection mapping and Cameras are used to create an interactive, public gaming space.


“Capacitor” by John Grade, 2013

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“Capacitor” allows people to experience changes in the outside weather. It moves (opens and closes) and changes light depending on the real time weather data captured at the roof of the building.


More about artist

“BOX” by Bot & Dolly, 2013

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Box from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology in indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C Clarke

BOX consists of 3 robotic arms- two for the screens and one for the camera. All three robotic arms are synched together to create an immersive audio visual experience. 2D space is transformed into 3D using projection mapping. The narrative and visuals illustrate principles of magic!

Making of BOX


“Kinetic Sculpture” for BMW Museum at Munich, 2008 by ART+COM

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Kinetic Sculpture for the BMW Museum, Munich 2008 from ART+COM on Vimeo.

This Kinetic Sculpture narrates story of making the form of BMW using individually controlled stepper motors attached to metal spheres. This installation is conveying a message by mechanical movements of many number of parts, synched together to form a larger meaning.


Enchanted Object: “SoapBox: Lonely Dog Up For Adoption” by Priya Granadas and Yeliz Karadayi

SoapBox: Lonely dog up for adoption from Priya Ganadas on Vimeo.

SoapBox is a puppy who likes pretending he goes on adventures though really he just likes to sit on his couch. SoapBox is lonely and looking for love, however, if you hit him he will like you less and less. He is forgiving though, of course, and if you hold your hand out to him gently and wait to pet him, you might win him over and he’ll reach back out for your love. He gets confused when you disappear out of view, and he gets bummed when he’s alone. Voice reactions indicate his mood, and he moves when he’s reaching out for you to pet him. SoapBox wants to learn to love!

Alone Soap sits, waiting for someone to love

Alone Soap sits, waiting for someone to love

Could it be? Will somebody take me?

Could it be? Will somebody take me?

Alas, no. I continue to sit here sobbing on my SoapBox.

Alas, no. I continue to sit here sobbing on my SoapBox.


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