“Rotary Multimeter” By Malik B. Parker (2014)

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Rotary Multimeter

The Rotary Multimeter is a multimeter that will attempt to tell you in real time how much voltage a load has, in a personified way. The personified measurements range from 0 to 5V. Measuring 2.5V would point half way. It also has a pencil to draw how a more precise reading than a personified measurement.

Measuring 1.5V Battery

The multimeter measured a little over 1/4 of the way. It’s modeled after how a person would try to visually describe how many volts a battery has.

Vary the measurements with a Voltage Divider

By creating a voltage divider circuit,  it’s possible to vary the readings of the multimeter which is shown in the second half of the video.



“Sound Tracker (Final Project Presentation)” By Malik B. Parker (2014)

“Sound Personal” By Malik B. Parker (2014)

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What I have created is a way for the user to experience music up close and personal without the need for headphones. “Sound Personal” is a Wireless Stereo Speaker System embedded into a backpack. The implications of this device are meant for daily commuters, college students, bikers, or anyone who enjoys wearing backpacks and music.

As the prototype, I opted for sewn on pockets to hold the speakers, instead of cutting holes into the straps of my backpack directly. The design had to be flush with the bulk of the materials inside of the backpack. Using a Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver, grounding both the speakers and connecting them to a 3.5mm coupling, I was able to effectively turn my backpack into a compatible Apple Airplay device.

In the future model, I hope to achieve volume control from the straps of the backpack, as well as have the speakers more embedded into the backpack straps while also being adjustable.

“Jaha” by Jaha Inc. (2014)


“runScribe” by Scribe Labs (2010)

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“Security Blanket” by Security Blanket (2014)


“Electro Illumination Wire Light Safety Vests” by Rayma C. Wright (2014)

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“VEST: A Sensory Substitution Neuroscience Project” by David Eagleman (2014)

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“Musical Frission” – By Malik B. Parker (2014)








Frisson – a brief moment of emotional excitement

Have you ever experienced chills when listening to music? Does certain songs cause orgasmic spasms to flow down your spine during  specific riffs? Scientists call this chilling effect “Musical Frisson”. Scientists estimate that only 25-50% of people in the world can actually experience musical frisson. I believe musical frisson is an effect on the human body that everyone should be able to feel, therefore the goal of the Musical Frisson Inducer is to increase the percentage of people who experience musical frisson.

To help make this possible, inside the capsule contains five 8Ω amplified speakers positioned to simulate 3D Audio Effects including 2 Subwoofers for vibrational effects as well. Certain effects are known to stimulate the effects of musical frisson such as:

  • Abrupt Volume Change
  • Panning
  • Climatic Build Up
  • Sudden Change in Tempo

There are many more effects, but the main effects that were used on the audio side of my project involved mainly Panning, Volume Change, Climatic Build Up, and High and Low Frequency Filtering. Using music editing software to create these effects, I chose Kid Cudi’s “Copernicus Landing”, in hopes that a more abstract song would not allow internal negative or positive feelings to be elicited.

Along with the Audio Effects were Visual Effects to also induce a state of serenity. Synced with the music element, the hope was to help induce Musical Frisson by including other senses with the experience. By keeping the visual to a minimum of a light show rather than a display of an equalizer, it doesn’t draw attention from the music, however it aims at stimulating the receptors in our brain to be more open to the Audio Element of the this project.


“3D Semi-Panoramic Projection System” By Foundation Creative Studios (2014)

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To design and fabricate an immersive, semi-panoramic, curved wall, for 3D visual experience and interactions.


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