“Cell Phone Synthesizer” by Priya Ganadas, Epic Jefferson, and John Mars

Assignment,OpenCV,Student Work — John Mars @ 4:26 pm

Cell Phone Synthesizer is a multi-user collaborative piece designed to create music with phones. Participant’s mobile devices are tracked via camera, and their positions and screen colors are used to compose a immersive sound experience.

“Sweater” by Willow & Filip Sterckx (2012)

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“O (Omicron)” by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié (2012)

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“This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go & Syyn Labs (2010)

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even more…

“Hyper-Matrix” by Jonpasang (2012)

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“Voice Tunnel” by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (2013)

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“Battlefield 3 Simulator” by The Gadget Show (2011)

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Promo Video

Full Design & Build


“Birdly” by Zurich University of the Arts (2014)

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Enchanted Object: “BETRAYAL BOT!” by Dan Russo and John Mars

BETRAYAL BOT! takes trust as its input, and returns betrayal as a result. The robot will ask for your phone under the pretense of charging it — all will appear as normal until you try to take your phone back. That’s when BETRAYAL BOT! springs into action: he’ll immediately drive away as fast as he can, taking your phone with him while leaving all sense of safety behind. BETRAYAL BOT! is your best friend and your worst nightmare.

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