Vox Proprius

Vox Proprius (source) is an iPhone app that harmonizes with you while you sing. Running on the openFrameworks platform, it uses the ofxiOS addon combined with the ofxPd addon to generate sound and visuals.

All of the extra parts are generated live from your own voice using a pitch shifter in Pd. Songs can be written in any number of composition softwares (I used musescore), and exported as a musicXML file for import and synthesis in the app.

Assignment,Final Project,Student Work — John Mars @ 4:27 pm

“vs” by John Mars

“Vox Proprius Proposal” by John Mars

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“Conductranome” by John Mars [DRAFT]

Keeping musicians in sync with their conductors.

“SixthSense” by Pranav Mistry (2009)

Reference — Tags: — John Mars @ 5:03 pm


“Reverberating Across the Divide” by Madeline Gannon (2013)

Reference — Tags: — John Mars @ 4:59 pm


“Digital Tattoo” by Motorola and VivLnk (2014)

Reference — Tags: — John Mars @ 4:56 pm


“Nail Art” by Kristina Ortega and Jenny Rodenhouse (2014)

Reference — Tags: — John Mars @ 4:53 pm


“Wearable Body Speaker” by Karina van Heck (2010)

Reference — Tags: — John Mars @ 4:50 pm

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