Whisper Afar

Final Project — epicjefferson @ 11:30 pm

Some people reacted, some ignored, some got angry, some engaged. From the user/player/attacker perspective, the possibility of gamification of invasion pops up. Aggressive personalized advertisement. The variety of reactions brings up new questions and the project calls for more exploration.

Photos where logged here

This project was much more of a challenge than I had originally thought. The gears that where printed to turn the pantilt mechanism where very unreliable in the end as they would snag at the teeth sometimes. Also, mapping of space is not trivial, at least not for me.







The Message (Long Distance Whisper)

Final Project — epicjefferson @ 5:45 pm


Marea (2014)

Arduino,Data,Hardware,Submission — epicjefferson @ 5:58 pm

The tank’s water level reflects the water level on the coast of San Juan, PR.

By being susceptible to tsunami waves, Marea exposes Puerto Rico’s risky disregard for potential disaster.


“Long Distance Whisper”

Arduino,Audio,Final Project,OpenCV,Sensors — epicjefferson @ 1:38 pm

“Universal Rights (privacy)” by Epic Jefferson (2014)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Python,Sensors — epicjefferson @ 4:42 pm


Do concepts like privacy and basic rights only apply to humans? Do we believe we are the only species in the universe with the capacity to think on this level? What if we encounter extraterrestrials, only to find out we have not considered what rights we would grant them? How would they evaluate our relationship to other species on our own planet?

I hope to explore this topic a bit by “unobtrusively” embedding a monitoring system in various places with animal activity and capturing their presence in a shared space.

 The System

A raspberry pi uses a python script to check for movement using a PIR sensor. The sensor triggers the webcam to capture the image of whatever is present and uploads it to a flickr account. Then, a ifttt recipe takes that image and posts it to a dedicaded tumblr account here Universal Rights.

“MYO” by Thalmic Labs (2014)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Reference — epicjefferson @ 4:57 pm

The MYO is a gesture control armband, very similar to what Daito Manabe did, but with Bluetooth 4.0.


“µtagger Alpha” by Joshua Noble (2011)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Instrument,Reference — epicjefferson @ 4:42 pm

Joshua Noble created a device that records grafitti tags onto an sd card, which can later be used as GML (Grafitti Markup Language) in environments like Processing and openFrameworks.


“RjDj” by RjDj (2008)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Instrument,Reference — epicjefferson @ 4:31 pm

RjDj is an application which processes real-world sounds into new sonic experiences in real-time, something they called Reactive Music. It makes use of Pure Data as an audio engine in mobile phones.


“Lady’s Glove” by Laetitia Sonami (1991)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Artists,Reference — epicjefferson @ 4:22 pm

Laetitia Sonami first developed the Lady’s Glove in 1991 for a performance at Ars Electronica. This is a controller for sound synthesis which is fairly dexterous with a distopian feel. Since then, performers like Imogen Heap have adapted it for a more musical approach.


“myoelectric sensor test” by Daito Manabe (2006)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Instrument,Reference — epicjefferson @ 4:11 pm

Daito Manabe is a new media artist and musician. This is one of the first projects that got me interested in electronic art, especially coming from a musical background. At the moment, I was starting to become interested in developing my own sounds, rather than just the stuff that came in stompbox guitar effects. This particular project uses sensors that pickup electric activity in muscles, he is then using that to trigger and control sound synthesis parameters.


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