“4DSOUND” by Max Cooper (2014)

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“I love the spatial and visual aspect of music, and 4D sound ties into that because it turns each piece of music into a spatial entity where you can walk inside the piece of music and find different parts of sound. […] Things fly about your head, and each piece of music turns into something that exists out in the space, which you can explore as a listener.”


“Pleiades” by James Turell (1983)

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A minimal light piece by James Turell consisting of an extremely dark room with a barely-perceptible light projected on the wall opposite the viewer. The viewer’s imagination fills in what their senses can’t, and the dimensions of the room and the image of the opposite wall become extremely difficult to judge accurately.


“The Parking Lot Experiments” by The Flaming Lips (1996-97)

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A series of participatory musical performances organized by Wayne Coyne and company in the mid-90s.  Audience members were given tapes to play on their car stereos, synchronized to start at the same time, and were responsible for changing the volume of their respective tapes with Wayne acting as a conductor.


“Deep Sea” by Robin Arnott (2011)

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“In this audio-only game, players don a mask that obscures their vision and takes over their hearing, plunging them into a world of blackness occupied only by the sound of their own breathing and the rumbles made by unseen terrors.”


Enchanted Object: “Impulse Box” By Anna Rosati and Chris Williamson (2014)

To live an impulse

I would stretch my pulse

Extent my hand

To any length

To the length that grows,

Which keeps me sick

And feeds me poison

Between doses

Of sweet relief


That which destroys

Is best left alone


Spinning the crank on Impulse Box provides a release from its incessant, cacophonous noise, but with each rotation, you charge the battery keeping it running.

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