Immersive Experience: “Echo Chamber” by Connor Brem, Emma Steuer, Chris Williamson (2014)

In a dark room, words, motions, and even thoughts are amplified.

Echo Chamber places its audience inside a room where the only sound is the sound that they make, cycled through a audio feedback loop; and the only light is light that follows this sound’s pitch and volume.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.12.21 PM

The piece places its audience unexpectedly in control of this room, and explores how they react. Do they explore its sounds and lights? Do they try to find order in the feedback? Or do they shrink back, afraid that the feedback will grow out of control?

Proposal: “Tape Loop Bulletin Board” by Chris Williamson (2014)

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Embedded + Wearable: “Homing Device” by Chris Williamson (2014)

homebelt1 homebelt2

This “Homing Device” is a belt containing a series of small vibration motors which allow it to give a strong directional sense to the wearer by vibrating whichever motor is pointing in a particular direction.  This means the belt can essentially act as a persistent compass, its direction available to the user at all times, even unconsciously.  Rather than pointing north like a normal compass, however, the user programs it with the location of their hometown and it always points there.

“Foot Tap Amplifier” by Michael Kontopoulos (2011)

The Foot Tap Amplifier draws the wearer’s attention to their own nervous habits by amplifying them.


“Body Speaker” by Karina van Heck (2010)

The Body Speaker allows the wearer to listen to and remix the sounds of their own body.


“Personal Space Dress” by Urban Armor (2014)

“Urban Armor is an artwork consisting of a series of playful electronic wearables for women which investigate the ways women experience public space.”


“Bond” by KwameCorp (2013)

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The Bond bracelet allows two people to feel each other’s touch while they’re apart.


“Autonets Hoodie” by Local Autonomy Networks (2013)


The Autonets project aims at creating clothing with embedded sensors and network connectivity, connected together in an ad-hoc fashion with the goal of preventing gendered violence.


Immersive Experience: “Echochamber” by Connor Brem, Chris Williamson, and Emma Steuer

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A room, in it’s natural unaltered form, is assumed to be silent and static. Walls can be decorated with color and light, and respond with an echo given a loud enough sound, but seldom is the response assumed to be meaningful or intentional.

Echochamber picks up all the noise in a room and feeds it back to the viewer with its own sound and light. Any action in this room is heavily amplified, and it responds with steady delayed feedback, or given a violent enough stimulus, cacophony, with accompanying responsive lights. The containing room is, rather than a passive place where one may make any noise with impunity, an active participant. It holds you to your presence. In the Echochamber, your noise is inescapable, whether it’s intentional or not.

“Momentum” by United Visual Artists (2014)

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A large-scale installation with a series of lights and speakers attached to pendulums in a dark, foggy space.
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