“Dysonomia” by Dawn of Midi (2013)

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Dawn of Midi creates an entirely immersive performance that is almost entirely auditory. The slowly progressing piece has an almost hypnotic quality, and the electronic-inspired, yet fully acoustic, sounds are intriguing. The piece allows the mind to stay active while seemingly floating through a trance-like space.


“Urteile, Residenztheater” by Christine Umpfenbach (2014)

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The abstract and somewhat ambiguous oddity adds a level of intrigue to the show, keeping the audience engaged and inquisitive throughout the show and making it a truly immersive experience.


“Hans was Heiri” by Martin Zimmerman and Dimitri de Perrot (2013)

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The inventive use of space in this production not only adds an element of surprise and wonder to the show, but it is also incredibly effective in impressing the show’s meaning, its experience, upon the audience.

“Sculpting Waves in Wood and Time” by Reuben Margolin (2012)

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Reuben Margolin is a kinetic sculptor who creates art which mimics nature. On one project, he collaborated with choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, using dancers as the sculpture’s catalyst rather than a motor.


“Playing the Building” by David Byrne (2008)

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“[David Byrne] turned an abandoned ferry terminal into a giant musical instrument whose creaking pipes and beams could be played with an archaic pump organ.”


Enchanted Object: “Impulse Box” By Anna Rosati and Chris Williamson (2014)

To live an impulse

I would stretch my pulse

Extent my hand

To any length

To the length that grows,

Which keeps me sick

And feeds me poison

Between doses

Of sweet relief


That which destroys

Is best left alone


Spinning the crank on Impulse Box provides a release from its incessant, cacophonous noise, but with each rotation, you charge the battery keeping it running.

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