“Construct/Destruct” by Anna Rosati

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Construct/ Destruct

discovery, exploration, fear, destruction; of sound

Video Performance

Materials: fabric, contact mics, human hand, shadow

Live performance at Station P

Materials: fabric, contact mics, human hand, shadow, Hamlet on vinyl, turntables


“Anxious” by Anna Rosati (2014)

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“Sorting Noise” by Anna Rosati (2014)

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Embedded and Wearable: “Concrete” by Anna Rosati (2014)

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“Concrete” is a performance art piece, which I shared at The Button in Lawrenceville on 9/23/14.


I am doing a study on concrete
Examining parallel lines
Distinguishing identical slabs

My eye so close
That dirt
Makes me blink

Re-measuring cracks
Trying to define
The divide

Women are doing a study on concrete
Because with bent necks
That’s where we’re taught to look

Examining cracks
Blinking out dirt
Trying to define
Something someone else made

Why must I study concrete
And brick walls
And my own reflection out bus windows
When I would rather study the world


“The Invisible Man” by Liu Bolin (2014)

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“Chinese artist Liu Bolin camouflages himself into urban backdrops using acrylic paint, becoming “The Invisible Man.” We went behind the scenes of his blending process at London’s SCREAM gallery to document his process as he created two new, unreleased works, using director Jack Newman as his chameleon-like subject.”


“Aurora Headband” by iWink (2014)

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iWinks’ “Aurora Headband” is a wearable device that gives people the ability to lucid dream more easily.

“Ka” by Cirque du Soleil, Puppets by Michael Curry (2004)

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Michael Curry’s puppet design makes brilliant use of the human body and it’s ability to control and bring life to an inanimate form.

“Soundsuits” by Nick Cave (2004)

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits utilize an array of ordinary objects, such as twigs, buttons, and hair, in an extraordinary way. He created oversized, African-inspired full-body suits which move and dance with visual and auditorial vibrance.

“Ripple” by POSTmatter (2014)

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ripple 2 ripple 1ripple 3

“The postexhibition in Milan showcased three original artworks, each harnessing interactive technology to create immersive experiences, and explore new relationships to digital content.”


Immersive Experience: “Museum of Secrets” by Chun Wan Choi, Anna Rosati, and Meng Shi

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In a world of digital permanence, especially through social media, people have lost the ability to live off impulse. We spend hours manipulating a simple Facebook post in order to present emotions that may not coincide with what we feel inside. “Museum of Secrets” is a outlet for the human impulse to share our most honest thoughts and feelings. It is a safe and anonymous way to shout our secrets into the world, yet there is no way of knowing who, if anyone, is receiving what you have to share.

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