Immersive Experience: “Tree, Interrupted” by Yeliz Karadayi, Amy Friedman, and Dan Russo

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Tree, Interrupted from Yeliz Karadayi on Vimeo.


This tree invites people closer with a natural serenity and ambience, but explores a unique condition of human interaction.   At close proximity, the curious nature of the tree invites tactility and intervention.  However, upon intervention, the ambience becomes disrupted with loud connotations.

This project explores human intervention in a natural landscape and places it in a clear audible expression.  Today’s world is dense with invasive interactions, creating a damaging atmosphere to natural and social ecologies.  This project provides a reflection about the nature of sensory overload, specifically as it relates to human curiosity.





“Amphibious Architecture” by xClinic Environmental Health Clinic and the Living Architecture Lab (2009)

amphibious architecture from chris woebken on Vimeo.

Amphibious Architecture from Not An Alternative on Vimeo.

Calls attention to the dissolved oxygen located in water. The more cool the color the more oxygen there is, the more red/warm the less oxygen there is. Also monitors number of fish, and the amount of interest humans have in river ecosystem. Developed by xClinic Environmental Health Clinic at New York University and the Living Architecture Lab at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.


“Living Light” by The Living Architecture Lab (2009)

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Living Light (Seoul, 2009) from David Benjamin on Vimeo.

Platform lights to show real time air quality in Seoul, Korea.
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“Sound Cloud” by Alex Beim, Daito Manabe, Tangble Interaction, and Rhizomatiks (2011)

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“Tangible Orchestra” by PICAROON (2014)

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“Resonate” by Masters Students of University of Applied Sciences Mainz and Johannes Gutenberg University (2012)

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Enchanted Object: “Unusual Handshake” By Amy Friedman and Gina Huang (2014)


Interacting with another persons hand is how we create relationships and begin conversations with new people, but what happens when there is no person to the hand? The hand has its own personality to tell a story but how do you interact with it? Would you trust this hand?

While being placed in a bathroom we were able to watch people interact and look weirdly upon what the hand was, they tried to touch it, and when they hit the right spot water would squirt out at them to their surprise. This hand is meant to be touched, examined and shaken, and in return you are surprised by a squirt gun as a way to leave the imaginary person in peace. But you interacted with a hand without a person, highlighting the persona human extremities contain on their own.

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